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After sale support

We take good care of our clients, and they can rely on our global service capability. We support them with our personal service and proactive advice; before, during and after developing a solution. We offer two different levels of support contracts.

Standard Assistance

Included in all our supplyes there’s the Standard Assistance. You can reach our Service Team during our office hours and together with you, they can locate possible faults and eliminate them promptly and reliably.

24/7 Assistance

For those who needs a non plus ultra level of protection, there’s the 24/7 Assistance. You can rely on telephonic support by a service technician 24/7 and action as soon as possible with the maximum priority. The Skilled Group Service Team will come into action and send a technician to the relevant site anywhere in the world if remote assistance can’t solve the problem.

We currently accept support requests through the Skilled Service Support Portal: submit a ticket and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Submit a ticket

Our Office Hours

You can reach our Service Team
through the portal
through the phone
+39 0445 142 7942

We will remain a partner at your side even after the purchasing and commissioning phases in order to ensure the full availability of your Skilled system in the long term. Skilled Group provides its support in order to prevent long standstills and costly production stops.