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Quality Policy


The globalization of the markets, the extremely vital competition on all continents, the need on the part of our customers for a continuous improvement of our “performance” call us to an ever greater commitment.
To maintain our competitiveness on the market and achieve the goal of business continuity, we must embrace the concept of customer satisfaction, demonstrate sensitivity to the requirements of the interested parties, meet the requirements of the products we offer to the market, continuously improve effectiveness of the quality management system, adopt the most appropriate policies to promote our products at a competitive price.

The primary objectives of Euroimpianti in terms of quality are:

  1. Maintain a continuous process of product technological innovation and improvement of the price / performance parameter to exceed customer expectations.
  2. Ensure continuous improvement of internal efficiency by developing and motivating human resources.
  3. Offer particular attention to perceive all the needs of our customers by considering them our Partners.
  4. Improve as quickly as possible the quality and reliability of the products to be placed on the market according to the concept of “speed to market”.
  5. Use tools and techniques suitable for the analysis and continuous improvement of processes.
  6. To offer an after-sales service constantly present at customers using modern global communication technologies, attentive to the quality of the service. Support the customer to help keep the systems supplied efficient at all times.
  7. Determine risks and opportunities to: achieve the expected results, increase the effects desired, prevent unwanted effects, achieve improvement;

These general quality goals will be translated into specific and measurable objectives, assigned to the individual functions of the company. Each objective will be associated with a specific indicator, to evaluate its achievement within the established time horizon.
In order for all this to be realized, we must learn to work as a team, both within the company and outside, by committing ourselves to better understand the needs of our colleagues and trying to invent new values ​​for our customers by continuously improving the global service that we will be able to offer them, so that all efforts are directed in the exact same direction to expand their results, careful not to forget our individual responsibilities.
The need to place ourselves on the global market with a good value for money requires us to maintain a collaborative relationship with suppliers, considering the latter as partners for the achievement of company objectives.
The desire to improve, to always set new goals and the desire to meet the expectations of our customers is a stimulus for a growth process that gives full satisfaction and the pride of being a customer of Euroimpianti S.p.A.