Spray cans are palletized by Skilled robots

//Spray cans are palletized by Skilled robots
23 July 2018

Spray cans are palletized by Skilled robots

For the 7th time in a row, the Italian most popular brand of spray cans decided to handle his products at the end of the production line with Skilled robots.
“It is the best solution to fit in the minimum space at the most reasonable cost”, Owner of the company said.

We are talking of a very compact production line that ends with a tight space in which the Cartesian Palletizer SK-101 fit again far much better than any other potential alternative. It is the best combination in which to offer technology, reliability and efficiency in a mono-block equipment capable to handle up to a dozen of boxes per minute plus the slip sheet in between the layers, when necessary.

It is a good expression of how Skilled manage flexibility in delivering worldwide big projects such as Central Palletizing Systems made of 15-18 robots in the same room down to plug’n play equipment like the Cartesian Palletizer SK-101 for mono production line.

“It is robust, it is compact, it works well and it never stops” Maintenance Manager said during the final negotiation and this is the reason why 13 years ago we selected Skilled for the 1st time and today we are again repeating the same decision to trust in Skilled again for the 7th time. We are going to install other production lines in the next 2-3 years the Owner of the company said and for sure soon we will install more Skilled equipment !!! With our best wishes !