Skilled robots work also in the Norwegian Seafood industry

//Skilled robots work also in the Norwegian Seafood industry
23 March 2014

Skilled robots work also in the Norwegian Seafood industry

Top quality starting from raw materials through all the production process to meet consumers wishes

This important customer is active in the seafood processing since 1838 when it started its business dealing in herring barrels and salt. In 1995 this Swedish firm became a part of a well-known Norwegian group and today they are market leaders in Scandinavia and established in more than 30 countries worldwide. The group counts 30.000 employees and an annual turnover of about € 7,5 billion. In this company they are constantly working to refresh and develop its products and brands; not only taste and quality of the product itself but also the appearance, packing and service must meet the consumers wishes and requirements.

Due to a successful growth of this Customer, head office decides to invest in new lines and consequently automate also the End-Of-Line process in their Swedish facility. Euroimpianti studied the palletizing portion: Different products, different packaging and different pallets were produced simultaneously on three production lines at high speed so reliability of the system and its flexibility was a key factor.  Not to mention that it had to be user friendly for the operators.

Skilled Group wins the order and successfully supplies a complete automatic palletizing system to handle cans of seafood packed inside carton boxes, shrink wrapped trays and packs, all arriving simultaneously and at high speed. On top of this the different products are palletized on different sized pallets, made out of wood or carton: europallet or on three norpall (size 400×800 mm) which are positioned automatically over a standard europallet (size 1200×800 mm). The products arrive from three different production lines and they are palletized by robots model Skilled 504. The Skilled 504 model is completely designed and installed by Euroimpianti. The design of this robot is the best in the world to optimize the available palletizing space both in width and in height and it is very robust to keep up with high speed applications. For the high speed line Euroimpianti designed and installed a tray stacker before the pick-up station to allow the pick of multiple rows. Once the pallets are completed they are merged automatically from their three palletizing stations to one single conveyor to proceed to the stretch wrapper.