Skilled robots move pasta

//Skilled robots move pasta
17 May 2018

Skilled robots move pasta

Skilled Group has recently been selected to design and develop the complete end of line automation for Czanieckie Makarony Sp. z o.o. one of the main pasta producers in Poland. This modern system, which includes overhead conveyors to connect the production lines to the warehouse, an identification area with high speed sorter and a robot Skilled 603 palletizer is ready to “start the engines” on site in June 2018.

The pasta boxes arriving from 4 packaging lines are univocally identified and palletised by the SK603 robot, whereas empty and full pallets are handled by a Wi-Fi shuttle Skilled RGV and delivered to a new Stretch-wrapping line.

The system has been designed in order to be extendable, following Czanieckie Makarony’s industrial plan to grow the production capacity in the next future.
“This new robotic system revolutionised our internal logistics and increased safety standards by reducing human presence in the warehouse” said Czanieckie Makarony, “The goal is to ensure that every employee arrives at work and goes home each day healthy and free from injury”. The company set high standards for its workplace environments, ensuring that hazards are mitigated or eliminated.

To maintain high standards and guarantee customers satisfaction in the growing Polish market, Skilled Group and its local partner Fenix Systems developed a new offer of personalized Service Agreements, providing quick response time and covering all preventive maintenance and repairing tasks.