Skilled robots for tires

//Skilled robots for tires
21 September 2018

Skilled robots for tires

Skilled Group is glad to announce a new era for finished tires handling, storaging and palletizing equipment with the latest delivery of a system for a world class top-three tires manufacturer. It is a combination of knowledge, experience and skills that no one else had the courage to face when we analysed the project for the first time together, local warehouse manager said at the end of the installation.

SKILLED was brave enough “to think out of the box” and see the solution of the different key-points. One Gantry robot with two indipendent heads capable to be fast and very productive in the short movements and flexible enough with a powerfull software to cover the complexity of the different articles stored in a tight environment.

On top of the palletizing application with all the different articles, the gantry robot buffers an enormous amount of tires at floor level. The system is completed with a six axes palletizing robot from ABB capable to handle the tires in a vertical configuration different SKU’s on different pallets. The complete picture is ruled by SKILLED supervisor linked to client’s software interface. The empty pallet handling section is complete of a station where a pneumatic system is capable to unfold the different closed pallets with the same tools. This part of the project was very challenging.

The SKILLED goal and effort to be succesfull have been paid back from the generous performance of the system, local PM said during FAT test in Schio (Italy) factory.

24/7 production in less than 2 months time, is quite a remarkable Vertical Startup of the installation and SKILLED is well optimistic for the next potentials projects in the loop to repeat the same success. With this particular project SKILLED place another reference example of what it means to be leader in the market for what is concerning the end of the line handling solutions for a practical limitless variety of products.

SKILLED, a brand you can rely on !