Skilled LGVs move 3 tons paper reels

//Skilled LGVs move 3 tons paper reels
10 January 2019

Skilled LGVs move 3 tons paper reels

Skilledgroup Laser Guided Vehicles ready to take care of Heavy Loads at Smurfit Kappa Zedek plant in Deventer, The Nederland.

Smurfit Kappa Group is Europe’s leading corrugated packaging company and one of the leading paper-based packaging companies in the world with 46.000 employees across 35 countries.

The plant in Deventer, The Nederland, is not new with LGVs technology, having in operation for some years a LGV system from Skilledgroup for the material handling in the OffSet printing area. With clear knowledge about the benefits and advantages this driverless technology can provide, the plant decided to invest in a new LGV project for the supply of “up to 3 Tons” paper reels to the laminating machines and the automatic handling of finished products at the end of line.

In October 2018, Skilledgroup’s engineers and the local VMS Team concluded successfully the start-up in production of the new LGV’s which are now running next to the “older brother” operating since 2014.


The key features of the new system are:

  • Transportation of big, up to 3 Tons, paper reels from the warehouse to the laminating machines and return back of unused reels to the warehouse
  • Big variety of material handling in the Off-Set printing area, including the organisation of a staging zone for the paper on pallets
  • Handling of paper piles sitting on a specifically designed movable conveyor belt
  • Integration of the whole material handling and LGV system with the existing WMS and MES
  • Development of user friendly HMI to operate and monitor the whole system from multiple stations