Skilled LGV in Personal Care Industry

//Skilled LGV in Personal Care Industry
10 January 2018

Skilled LGV in Personal Care Industry

A global leader in the Personal care industry has revolutionized their internal logistics with an LGV Skilled Robot, automating the warehouse in an optimized and modern way.


The customer is a global leader in supplying the rapidly growing company that produces categories of adult incontinence, baby diapers and feminine hygiene, and a wide range of capabilities in polyethylene, polypropylene, elastics and polyester films.

They have decided to fully automate the warehouse logistic process in its Netherlands plant. To meet this need, the Skilled Group has provided just one LGV that is able to collect and stack bobins of films, and organize them in the storage area, according to a dynamic scheme. As a matter of fact, all this is possibile thanks to a specific Skilled software, that allows the automatic mapping of the storage area and makes the warehousing more efficient.

The autopilot vehicle moves the bobins from two production lines to the warehouse. All the bobins are identified by barcode scanners and their traceability is ensured all along the movements and programmed positions. A friendly interface is provided as part of the system, to allow easy monitoring and assignment of production lots to the shipping area.

This system improves internal logistics and guarantees maximum safety by reducing human presence in a fully robotic system in the warehouse. At this company, safety is a value, not just a priority. Priorities change, while values live on. The goal is to ensure that every employee arrives at work and goes home each day healthy and free from injury. The company set high standards for its workplace environments, ensuring hazards are mitigated or eliminated.