Skilled Group’s centralized end-of-line system at ActiMeat

//Skilled Group’s centralized end-of-line system at ActiMeat
21 November 2018

Skilled Group’s centralized end-of-line system at ActiMeat

New ActiMeat Factory in Manosque, France, will start operations soon with Skilled Group’s centralised end-of-line system   

ActiMeat, the French first-class producer of meat ingredients is ready to take-off with its new facilities in Manosque, South of France.  

ActiMeat, which is processing meat since 1981, decided to assign Skilled Group a key- role for the automation of the new plant, purchasing to the Italian manufacturer a centralised palletising system, including connecting overhead conveyors from the packing lines and a stretch-wrapping area for the finalization of “ready-to store” pallets.

Skilled Group was awarded for this challenging project thanks to the best proposed concept, integrating:

  • the best layout footprint,
  • comfortable operation and flexibility,
  • smart design to ensure quality of finished pallets,
  • specific hygienical standards which are mandatory in the meat sector

The large system which is actually in construction under the 12.000m2 manufacturing workshop in Schio, Italy, will be able to transport and palletise simultaneously multiple sizes of boxes and bags containing meat ingredients. The system will include also two plastic film dispensers for the positioning of a plastic foil on the empty pallet surface and on top of the last product layer.

Rovema France Partnership

This project has been realized with Rovema France, appointed since july 2017 for the representation of Euroimpianti Skilled Group in the French territory, including After Sales Service support for both existing and new systems. Rovema GmbH is an international leading manufacturer of packaging machines, with more than 29.000 packaging machines installed worldwide, the perfect partner for combining synergies, strengthening our business offer and providing a reliable service to our customers.