Skilled for Nordic Brand ORKLA GROUP

//Skilled for Nordic Brand ORKLA GROUP
5 November 2013

Skilled for Nordic Brand ORKLA GROUP

In his continuous activity of expansion in the world and with different products Skilled strikes a good project in NORWAY, not away from the Arctic Circle, close to Santa Claus land.
Orkla Group decided to go with Skilled because it was the only one manufacturer (manufacturer, not integrator) able to convey in a little tiny space the production capacity of 6 lines for personal care products in to a common tight space and create something which is part of the production and part of the logistic.

Yes, well heard, logistic, as the finished pallets, after stretch wrapping operations are conveyed by an automatic shuttle in to a temporary gravity storage and from there, at the end of the working day, all produced pallets are carried to different trucks and drive all night to Oslo main distribution center.

Everything started when the Production Manager noticed Skilled at Interpack while proposing something similar on a video running on the main screen of the booth. The task was not easy as the production hall at Orkla Group was not that big. And troubles increased when Production Manager said he was willing to use Vertical Elevators ! Skilled took this challenging task as an opportunity to show the best skills available in his pocket. And managed to present and perform nothing but the best knowedge in his 46 years of experience.

6 Vertical Elevators, more than 450 mts aerial conveyor joining together 6 different shrinkwrapped products at the same time, a sorting system coupled together with a vision system and an articulated arm robot capable to palletize all those different prducts at the same time with a very special and well engineered gripper. To complete the scope of the project also a stretch wrapper and this particular temporary storage which feed various trucks at the end of the working day.

After commissioning of the system the people involved in the project expressed gratitude to Skilled as they were trying to find a good compromise in their factory since long time. The solution they found in Skilled is worth to mention is under evaluation at other subsidiaries of the ORKLA brand.

Skilled, the brand you may rely on !