The global leader in the tea industry chooses Skilled Robots

//The global leader in the tea industry chooses Skilled Robots
9 June 2017

The global leader in the tea industry chooses Skilled Robots

The company has over a century of experience at the top of the world tea industry and balance the tradition with continuous innovation, thanks to the solutions designed and delivered over the years by Skilled Group.

The end user is a major Dutch-British multinational company owning many popular brands in the food, beverage, chemical and personal care sector. Recently, there was a need for a raw tea bag and mix palletizing automation requirement for their Dubai production facility.

The corporate security policies and their internal risk assessment coupled with preventing labor injuries through manual handling of heavy loads of heavy bags necessitated the search and development of a mix load palletizing automation.

This automation requirement and challenges were presented to the Skilled Group team. The result was a integrated state of the art automation utilizing the proven Skilled® Scara Robot Model 504 technology based on a fifth axis linear slide.

This unique development, led by Patrizio Trecco, Global Technical Director and his team resulted in a fast, proven and cost effective solution. This automation concept can handle target pallets on both sides of the robot handling up to nine (9) different mix load target pallets of different tea SKU’s.

We invite you to click on the link below, where you can visually see the Skilled® 504 Robot solution moving back and forth picking heavy tea bag as per demand and placing the target tea bag on to the designated conveyor system, conveying the tea bags to the process blending line. Of note: this technology can change tea bag SKU’s handled by the Skilled® Robot 504 on the file as per demand.

We are proud to state that this multinational customer has relied on Skilled Groups team to support their growing production requirements for many years.