Electric cables are handled by Skilled Robot

//Electric cables are handled by Skilled Robot
24 January 2016

Electric cables are handled by Skilled Robot

Skilled Group has designed and achieved new solutions for the end of line automation system for campanies producing electric cables. The systems include the robot Skilled 504 to palletize the coils and the laser guided vehicles  Skilled LGV to move and store pallets of unfinished/finished products. The robots are equipped with a pick-up gripper that allows to palletize coils of different diameter and weight coming from different lines, simultaneously.

Thanks to the software interface realized by Skilled Group, the operator can insert, for each type of coil, all the parameters, such as diameter, height, weight  and relevant palletizing program, by simply entering Windows operating system. The software solution, electronics and mechanics, adopted by Skilled Group’s engineers, have been carried out following customers’ special requirements and the current safety rules. The laser guided vehicles Skilled LGV are used to handle full pallets and coils up to a max. weight of 3 Tons.

The goods are collected and automatically brought to:

  • wrapping and labelling lines
  • check and weighing areas
  • picking up areas
  • storage of finished products
  • preparation and shipping areas