Campari Group selects Skilled Group for their new end of line automation

//Campari Group selects Skilled Group for their new end of line automation
3 July 2017

Campari Group selects Skilled Group for their new end of line automation

The Campari Group’s Jamaican production facility installed and new end-of-line and logistics processes with an all new robotic automation plant.

The Campari Group known for its rum and related alcoholic beverages acquired and implemented in 2016 a new automation end of line at the J. Wray and Nephew Ltd. Plant in Jamaica, makers of some of the world’s best-known brands of spirits such as Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, Campari and SKYY Vodka.

The Skilled Group team led by Patrizio Trecco, Head of Global Engineering designed an integrated robotic automated solution by employing the Skilled Group’s  Product such as four (4) Skilled Model 603 articulated arm robot arm with tailored EOAT (end of arm tooling) to handle the different types of product sizes and SKU integrated with two (2) Skilled Group Model RGV automatic guide vehicles.

The new Skilled Group automation system handles all the production requirements by the four (4) Skilled Group Robot arms Model 603 in tandem. The robotic system is capable to automatically switching different product configuration on the fly during production on any of the four (4) robotic arms. The Skilled Group automation system is a fully integrated solution by operating all the associated machinery such as empty and full pallet highway in synergy with the automated AGV and Robotics system.

The Skilled Group Automation is a lights out 24/7 solution capable to handle the production requirements without change over down time thus increasing the production efficiency and high production throughput enabling a high yield and fast return of investment.

J. Wray and Nephew Ltd
J. Wray and Nephew Ltd is a distillation and rum bottling company operating in Jamaica, one of the largest exporters in the Caribbean, and the first distributor for its products in the North American market. The company’s business is sugar cane cultivation, processing and distillation of rum and other spirits, as well as the distribution of various brands of which the company is representative in the Jamaican territory.

Gruppo Campari
The Campari Group is a leader in the global beverage industry with over 50 premium and super premium brands, marketed and distributed in over 190 countries around the world.