Biscuits, Biscuits, Biscuits!

//Biscuits, Biscuits, Biscuits!
26 July 2018

Biscuits, Biscuits, Biscuits!

SKILLED strikes again a load of biscuits ! One of the biggest multinational company in the world, undisputed snacks leader, will be installing before the end of the year another LOF (Line Of Future) installation in Latin America.
It is the completion of a masterpiece project which involved SKILLED for the past 5 years in subsequents installation all around the region.

The responsible for the entire project, based in Miami, said at the beginning of the big project that he was looking to have same installations all around the world and that 1 operator must be able to operate in different factories if the technical solution is quite the same inside different factory locations.

The message was clear and SKILLED comply with the given mission !

The new installation will be coupled with a previous one supplied 3 years ago and will palletize in total 14 different products with a battery-in-line made of 4 articulated arms robots model SK603 and 2 RGV’s with all necessary conveyors and connections to have a repeatable and scalable solution capable to palletize 24/7 at least for the next decade.
The most important thing is that the 4 robots will have to palletize everyday different products and they must be able to perform different pallet patterns at the same time with zero mistakes. Taking in to consideration that some patterns are complicated and spaces involved in the palletizing cells are quite limited, the final result SKILLED will deliver to the client is an installation where resources are harmonized and linked among them to offer the control of the whole installation to just 1 only operator!

ROI will be well inside the expectations, Buyer said, and the possibility of growth for the next years are well looking in to a third step expansion in less than 3 years time.
This project is a very important step for SKILLED as it gives the perfect combination of how the know-how and the experience in the market combine well with the expectations of a very high level demanding customer.

If your activity is related to biscuits and you wish to automatize your end of the lines, there is just a brand you may rely.