+12 Gantry Installation for Tires Handling

//+12 Gantry Installation for Tires Handling
14 December 2023

+12 Gantry Installation for Tires Handling

2023 of Records !

New energies, new strategies, new ambitions, new targets, no limits, makes of Euroimpianti a model to follow for many.

Last but lot least the acquisition and succesful delivery of a +12 Gantry installation at one of the world top tire manufacturers.

Euroimpianti, worldwide recognized also as SKILLED, is looking at the global market delivering nothing more than what the market is expecting: solutions and not just a bunch of robots.
Dedication, attention, professionalism are just few recurring words SKILLED is repeating in every project. SKILLED is serving constantly every year several multinational Companies worldwide and payback is quite clear when results are achieved for the mutual benefits of who’s buying and who’s selling.

2023 is ending with record results !
2024 will be another challenging season to live at the edge !